Wild Court Moments #101

Wild Court Moments #101

The 3 Phases of a Business

Why should a customer choose your brand when they have practically unlimited choices at his disposal? He needs to know what’s so great about you, but you probably won’t have that answer right from Day 1 of launching your business. Decide how you can best tweak your business so that it becomes superior. The operative word is superior. It is hard, though not impossible, to be the best if you are venturing out on your own. Sometimes the most superior businesses are the ones that provide the ultimate, enhanced experience to the customers. Here are the 3 phases of a business, and you’ll see how your business will transform and evolve over time.

Small Business Forums: A Great Place to Find Inspiration

Many small business owners fail to sustain the initial enthusiasm they have for their business and keep it growing. A small business forum can help you find the inspiration and motivation you need to make your business a success in the long run.

Why Coaching Is a Content Driven Business and How to Create More Valuable Content Effortlessly

Everything you do to get coaching clients revolves around creating content: articles, blog posts, newsletters, teleseminars, press releases, videos, audios, case studies, e-books, home-study courses, assessments, workbooks and any other material that establishes you as an expert in your niche market. How you create your content depends on your unique strengths and preferences. Some people are such prolific writers they punch out a book after book, their blog is filled with daily pages of posts, and they’re completely unstoppable!

Main Street Fairness Act Could Hurt Small Online Retailers

The politicians in Congress are once again demonstrating their lack of understanding regarding how business and the economy actually work. Legislation now being proposed could endanger thousands of small-to-mid sized online businesses.

How Can the Idea of the Sustainable Supply Chain Help Your Business?

Sustainable supply chain is a concept that starts with the idea that we will run out of natural resources if we don’t change how much we use. If we change what we are doing, re-design products or create new products, we can help save the planet’s resources and save or make money for our businesses.