Man Allegedly Threatens Wendy's Employee with Gun, Steals Cash Drawer at Drive-Thru Window

Man Allegedly Threatens Wendy’s Employee with Gun, Steals Cash Drawer at Drive-Thru Window

National Health Care: How Small Business Will Fare

As the debate about health care continues, I find myself thinking about other countries with national health plans and worrying that we’re going to become like them. On the one hand maybe we can be as sleek and efficient as the Swedes. On the other hand I fear suffering from blackened teeth and a pasty complexion like the Brits. Or worse, just sinking into obscurity like the Canadians. Maybe my worries are groundless. Oh, and for the record, my wife is a Brit. And she’s never even had a cavity. What an oddball.

What My Dad Taught Me About The Economy

When I got married, over twenty years ago, my dad gave me three good pieces of advice. “Son,” he said, putting an arm around my shoulder. “Getting married will be the last decision you will ever make.” This was true. “And remember,” he continued. ” That if your wife is happy…everyone in your family will be happy.” Also correct. “Finally,” my dad said. “During the course of your married life things will never be as bad as they seem. But they’ll never be as good as they seem either. Your problems are your responsibility.” My dad was certainly no sage. Only months after giving me that little bit of wisdom he voted for Ross Perot. However, the advice he gave me back in 1991 was good advice. And the last piece was particularly helpful – not only for all the challenges marriages encounter, but for the challenges of running a business too. Because things aren’t as bad as they seem. Even in this economy. My problems are my responsibility.

Small Business Ideas – 3 Computer Business Ideas for Your New Business

Many people have a dream of owning their own business. However, it is well known that many small businesses do not survive beyond the first year. Although this is a daunting statistic, you don’t want to let it kill your dream.

Self-Image: Most Important Key

One of the most important, if not the most important key to success, is self-image. In running a small business or owning your own business self-image is critical to success.

Does a Reduction in Workforce Equal a Partial Plan Termination for Your Retirement Plan?

Have you had to reduce your workforce recently? If so, there may be repercussions that affect the retirement plan you sponsor. Your plan may have experienced a partial termination. The IRS considers a partial termination to have occurred when an employer-initiated action results in a significant decrease in plan participation. Generally, the IRS presumes a partial termination has occurred when an employer experiences a workforce reduction of 20%.