The Killer That Wouldn't Crack: Police Interrogation of Stephen McDaniel

The Killer That Wouldn’t Crack: Police Interrogation of Stephen McDaniel

Easy Small Business Marketing Ideas For Beginners

If you are planning to set up a small business soon, then be ready to spend a lot of time to think of ways to advertise your business. This is important to get initial customers that can also help you establish your business reputation soon. But how will you do that if you are just starting out? Here are some easy small business marketing ideas for beginners like you.

Starting A Movie Rental Store

Ever wanted to start your own movie store and make some money? I’ve wanted to do so for a long time but sadly because of the ever changing economy and people being laid off left and right. My dreams of starting a movie rental store franchise must be put on hold in diffidently. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end.

The Importance of Business Aims and Objectives

How important is it for a business to set aims and objectives? Some managers would say that it is perhaps the most crucial stage, both for fledgling companies, and well-established firms. After all, an ‘aim’ will determine where a company wants to go in the future, and will establish goals to work towards. A clear objective provides staff with a target, achievable measurement techniques and even increased trust and loyalty in a company.

Small Business Audit Strategy To Help You Get Through A CRA Audit

Getting through an audit is a stressful task. These tips will help you have a smoother audit process and will give you tips on how to keep information provided to auditors at a minimum.

8 Tips for Improved Invoice Processing – Get Paid Faster

The first step of the accounts receivable management process is invoicing. It seems pretty straight forward and easy but many companies (especially smaller companies) flounder to get invoices to customers in a timely manner or worse yet; the invoice has incorrect information that delays customer payment. After all, it’s hard to collect an invoice that the customer does not have or which is inaccurate or incomplete. Here are a few suggestions to make your billing process more effective.