Legality of Amber Heard's Tell-All Book, Bob Saget's Death Leak, NFL's Deshaun Watson Settles

Legality of Amber Heard’s Tell-All Book, Bob Saget’s Death Leak, NFL’s Deshaun Watson Settles

The Basics of Small Business Branding

You own a small business and you’re doing well but recently you have noticed that your competitors have a slight edge on you. Wondering why? Chances are, it has nothing to do with your product or price – it’s the simple fact that they are more memorable than you.

Persistence: The Difference Maker!

All other things being equal, persistence, not quitting and pressing forward, even when we don’t see the results we are hoping for as quickly as we like, is critical for the small business owner working to build their business, their brand. This is true whether the strategies we use to help build our business include permission based email marketing, newspaper advertising, mail marketing and/or even social media.

Writing a Business Plan: A Step-By-Step Guide

Writing a Business Plan is one of the most important actions an entrepreneur can take. It is your elevator pitch, an overview of your business, and an exercise in preparedness. Here, we’ll learn why a business plan is crucial for your small business — and how to write one.

Start a Restaurant: Is There a Magic Shortcut?

The point of this editorial will be to start a procedure, or a set of tasks, that will help you manage through the various phases of a restaurant business, including concept development, start-up, and the beginning operations. Another thing that this article will do is pose several questions in order to gain a better sense of your strengths and likes, which will help grow an environment, in which your restaurant will more likely accomplish success. There are many people each year that start a successful new restaurant, and you can be one of those people this year.

If You Want a Business Partner, Go for a Long Road Trip

It is so exciting! “We have decided to go into business together.” Are you sure? Are you really, really sure that that is what you want to do? I say, that if you want to form a business partnership, no matter what kind of business structure you choose, that you and your proposed partner go on a long road trip together (one on one) and see how you get along with each other.