Bill Cosby's Publicist Speaks on Sexual Assault Case Verdict, Plans to File Appeal

Bill Cosby’s Publicist Speaks on Sexual Assault Case Verdict, Plans to File Appeal

Niche Your Small Business

The first or primary function when starting out in your small business is the development or alignment of your business into a niche. Niche or category, is where you run with the pack in the mainstream called business.

How to Get Started As a Mobile Spray Tanner

The vast majority of people are now well aware of the dangers of the sun and sun-bed tanning. However a tanned skin is still extremely popular and sought after. No wonder the popularity of spray tanning is continuing to rise. Considering its popularity, what better time could there be to set up your own mobile service?…

Plastic Storage Tanks Online

There are lots of different places where you will be able to buy plastic storage tanks online, so make sure you explore your options. By really taking your time and seeing what you have to choose from, you will be able to get a real sense of what is out there with regards to these tanks.

How a Virtual Receptionist Can Help You Get More Organized

Having a virtual receptionist to handle your calls offers a lot of advantages, one of those being to bring more organization to your business. Here are some of the ways a virtual receptionist service can accomplish that.

Project Rebuild Versus Neighborhood Stabilization Program and the Impact On Foreclosure Market

Both Project Rebuild and the Neighborhood Stabilization Program are designed to assist with vacant and abandoned home rehabbing and foreclosure cleanup. There are noticeable differences between the two programs, however. See the nuts and bolts of both initiatives and their impact on foreclosures.