Georgia Supreme Court Overturns Father's Murder Conviction in Son's Hot-Car Death

Georgia Supreme Court Overturns Father’s Murder Conviction in Son’s Hot-Car Death

The Subtleties of Pricing

Pricing is a challenge in small business. The questions of: what do you need to charge, what can your charge are explored in depth for small business owners.

Email Marketing For Small Business

Perhaps one of the most powerful and affordable marketing solutions, email marketing for small business should be a priority in your marketing mix. A great way to increase sales, relationships with your customers and enhance your brand, this fool proof marketing tactic should be your number 1 marketing tactic.

Investing in Continuity: The Second-In-Command

Most small business owner thinks they cannot be replaced. This article outlines considerations and action steps for small business owners on continuity/transition planning.

Growth for Growth’s Sake

Let’s start with an apt truism: bigger isn’t always better. Most entrepreneurs will be quick to agree with this, at least in principle. How could they not?

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

You know social media needs to be an important part of your overall marketing strategy. But do you know where to start? Social media for small businesses does not have to be overwhelming or complicated. I recommend you become a master at one or two and do it well, read on for more.