"You'll Die a Fat Lonely Old Man" Amber Heard Said According to Island Manager's Testimony

“You’ll Die a Fat Lonely Old Man” Amber Heard Said According to Island Manager’s Testimony

Credit Card Processing Machines – Are Your Credit Card Processing Machines Working For You?

Many business owners think that credit card processing machines are only used to take money; however, the reality is that you can actually use them to generate more revenue. When used correctly, credit card processing machines will super charge your business helping you create loyal customers, increased revenue, and a thriving business.

Revenue Based Financing and Its Advantages

With the lending guidelines being tightened down by the banks, business owners need access to working capital to grow their business. An option like revenue based financing can help business owners along the way.

Solving Your Most Pressing Business Problems – Part Two

Motivating your in house employees to sell more is a problem all small businesses have. Many outside sales professionals have contest, reward programs, incentives to help motivate them to sell more, but what can you do for the inside or multi-use employees? Here are some suggestions on how to increase sales.

Solving Your Most Pressing Business Problems – Part Three

Finding new customers is a problem all businesses face. Without them your business won’t grow, so it doesn’t matter if you are running a start-up or an established business, you must find new customers to survive. In part three I will describe ways to find new customers.

7 Reasons Why Local Businesses Should Use Pay Per Click Online Marketing

Marketing your local business is challenging. Business owners often shy away from using pay per click online ads to promote their products or service locally. Here are seven excellent reasons why pay per click (PPC) ads can provide an excellent ROI by attracting an instant and steady stream of motivated prospects right to your door.