Witness Testifies That Deleted Texts Were Found in Danielle Redlick's Phone

Witness Testifies That Deleted Texts Were Found in Danielle Redlick’s Phone

Marketing Copy That Gets a Response

What’s the purpose of marketing? It’s to get someone to respond to you. It’s to get someone to reach for your product or service. “Reach” could mean anything from a tentative enquiry for information to a request for someone to come and see them about what you have to offer. That’s the whole reason for marketing – to get a response.

Managing Invoices With Your Database

Imagine this: you walk past the office of a business owner and there she is; practically tearing her hair out. You ask her what the problem is. She tells you that her accounting package might be very good at accounting, but it’s hopeless at providing her with the sales and income analysis she needs. How can you help her?

How to Select a New Multifunction Printer

Professional quality colour laser printing is not something that can be done from just any office printer. There are printers designed for residential use, printers designed for black and white document printing only, and printers designed for low colour printing demand. Then there is a separate class of multifunction printer designed for advanced colour laser printing, and many other functions needed for successful daily operation of a business.

5 Signs Your Document Management System Needs Updates

Your document management system is the heart of your business. There may seem to be many other things that are more important, but when the system is dysfunctional you will see how important it really is. If you have any of the following problems, then your document management system may be screaming out for attention.

The Role of the Multifunction Printer in a Document Management System

If your office is anything like most others operating today, you need a well developed document management system to keep documents flowing through the office in an efficient, timely, and safe manner. You may have teams or departments sharing documents, or adding to them and then sending them off to other departments or teams for contributions to a final product. There are probably documents that everyone in your company needs access to at times, but which you do not want anyone to make changes to or copy.