11-Year-Old Uvalde School Shooting Survivor Says She Covered Herself in Blood, Played Dead

11-Year-Old Uvalde School Shooting Survivor Says She Covered Herself in Blood, Played Dead

How Corporate Gifts Benefit the Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, you probably do not have a large budget for marketing and promotional campaigns. You have probably found some strategies that work for your every time, while losing some money along the way on things that did not work. Now you are considering the option of giving out corporate gifts, but you do not want it to be another losing proposition.

How to Shop for Corporate Gifts

You have been put in charge of finding corporate gifts, or have a small business of your own and think you might be able to use gifts of some sort. The problem is you aren’t quite sure how to go about selecting the best gifts for your business.

Why Serviced Offices Are Growing Globally

Without a doubt the serviced office is becoming more and more popular every day and not only in Europe but around the world and in many different countries. In fact, the serviced office industry itself has been growing phenomenally over the last decade or so. Even the global recession that has played havoc with so many businesses has not managed to impact the growth of this industry bar keeping it at a steadier pace than before.

User Manuals That Make Sense

When someone picks up a new device, or loads a new software program onto their computer, the last thing they want to do is spend the next 4 or 5 hours studying up on how to use it. Come on! It’s a “new toy”, so they want to play with it RIGHT NOW. Your user manual needs to help them do this.

Client Contracts They Can Understand

Don’t you hate it when you are presented with a set of terms and conditions covering two full pages of closely packed (very small font) text? You take one look at it and your first thought is to simply sign it and move on, because it looks far too much to read. There has to be a better way!