Witness Demonstrates What Danielle Redlick's Husband Did to Her Before She Stabbed Him

Witness Demonstrates What Danielle Redlick’s Husband Did to Her Before She Stabbed Him

Things You Need to Know About Setting Up Businesses

Most people would prefer to set up their own businesses rather than become employed by private or government-owned companies. Setting up a business is quite easy, however there are some things that people should take note of in order to become successful in their business venture.

Small Business Law: Documenting Employee Disciplinary Issues

Who really has time to document employee personnel issues? “If I write down every meeting I have with an employee, I will never get any real work done” is a common theme that small business lawyers often hear from their clients. Well, unless you enjoy the thought of undergoing a two-year employment litigation battle, its more than worth the time and effort to document employee personnel issues. The truth is, employment litigation is exploding throughout the Country. Documentation tells the story more convincingly than your own word given after the fact during litigation. Moreover, memories fade, but documents don’t forget. Take these simple steps to document employee performance problems and you will be on your way toward protecting your small business from needless liability:

Impress New Clients With a Smart Office Address

When you want to attract new business to your company, you must give potential clients confidence in your ability to handle the work. Looking successful is part of the process. Dressing appropriately for your business niche and presenting your company image in the best light is all part of the perception of success. Make sure you have an impressive business address. You only get a few moments to make the best first impression. Make them count.

Smart Human Resource Decisions for Small Business Owners

It is easy to make knee-jerk decisions when you are running your business. These smart decisions will help you keep your business running smoothly and prevent mis-steps.

Chiropractors – Grow Your Clinic With Solutions

The Opportunity Annually the Bureau of Labor statistics collect data on work related injuries. In 2009 there were 348,740 musculoskeletal disorders that required days away from work. Of the above injuries 46.5% or 162164 were back injuries. Now, I can’t tell you how many went to chiropractors for treatment but my guess is not that many. That is a lot of opportunities to help people and tell the chiropractic story missed.