Amber Heard Breaks Silence on Her View of Jurors Who Didn’t Believe Her

Amber Heard Breaks Silence on Her View of Jurors Who Didn’t Believe Her

Turning Self Employment Ideas Into Successful Business Ventures

Many people choose to stay at their current jobs because they have a family to feed and bills to pay. However, there are a growing number of courageous individuals who leave their jobs to turn their self employment ideas into successful business ventures. People’s home working ideas can evolve into good business plans as long as they are well aware, at the start, of what work is required of them and what the pitfalls are.

Monitoring Employees Made Easy With Time Tracking Software!

Many companies feel that there is a great demand to increase the efficiency of the company’s operations. This can be achieved easily using the time tracking software.

How Federal Agencies Evaluate Prior Experience and Past Performance

A recent GAO report illuminates how federal agencies evaluate past performance and what types of prior experience they consider during the procurement and acquisition process. Small and new businesses interested in government contracting are not necessarily excluded due to lack of performance, but may need to follow different strategies to work with the federal government.

Colorful Office Space Trends

The new office layout concept takes the idea of open plan offices much further. Google has certainly set the pace with its amazing spaces designed to stimulate creativity and fun. Even major financial companies in Australia are catching on to the trend. Work spaces are no longer private offices. Even executives must move out of their comfort zone and adapt to working in a variety of locations within the company premises.

Generation Y and Small Business: What Every Business Owner Should Know

Young people of generation Y (those born between the late ’70s and early 2000′s) are now breaking into the workforce, and it has already been made clear that they are a force to be reckoned with. Even despite the unstable economy, these young people have showed an intense entrepreneurial spirit and an attitude about business that challenges old ideas and routines. Because they were brought up during a time when the internet, smart phones, and other technological devices were invented and developed, Generation Y approaches business with a unique perspective that is sometimes hard to understand by older…