Wild Court Moments #111 Oops!

Wild Court Moments #111 Oops!

Testimonials – Your Secret Sales Weapon

In today’s world of business, you need every strategy and tactic to position your enterprise at the forefront of your niche. Sometimes it can be the simplest things that catapult your idea, product or service, far ahead of the next closest competitor. In this article I’m going to explain the three different ways you can capture your client’s words, emotions, expressions, passions and praises.

SEO Consultant: Five Reasons Your Local Business Needs One

Competition is always a factor for any business. Small local businesses are now realizing that the competition for ranking their web site int the search engines is on the rise. Here are 5 reasons small local businesses should hire an SEO consultant.

Collaboration VS Competition In The Marketplace

Traditionally, “capitalism” has been defined by its inherently competitive environment. The times of our forefathers were times where the best competitor in any market was the clear-cut “king of the mountain”. Since the advent (and perpetuation) of the “connected economy” however, it is more likely that the best “collaborator” will reign supreme in these days and times. This is more true for the “lighter and leaner” small/medium sized, minority and women owned businesses (smb/mwbe) than it is for the large corporate giants. But it is the larger corporate giants who recognize this truth the most and are taking the active steps to not only become leaner, but to become the consummate collaborators that will secure their market dominance for another generation (unless smb/mwbe businesses “wake up” and “get with it”).

Let’s Be Upfront About Secrets and Bonuses

For Kurt, what changed was the recession. It’s caused him to reveal his secrets. Share his financial statements. Particularly with his employees. Why? “To keep them employed,” he said. Kurt needed to come up with better ways to pay his people. So this penny pincher sacrificed secrecy for a bonus plan. It turned out to be a great decision.

Become a Top Wedding Planner – 10 Wedding Planning Mistakes That You Can Help Brides Avoid

As a wedding planner, you can help brides avoid many common wedding planning mistakes so they can have a fabulous day. Here are 10 of those mistakes and what you need to do to make sure they don’t happen to your brides.