Bodycam Shows Buffalo Police, Suspect Exchange Gunfire During Foot Chase

Bodycam Shows Buffalo Police, Suspect Exchange Gunfire During Foot Chase

Website Marketing Strategies – 3 Simple Steps to Get Your Local Business Website Found Online

Is your small local business website lost in cyber space? Here are 3 simple website marketing strategies that will improve your online visibilty and place your website where it will be seen by the people who matter – your local potential customers.

Yoga Prices: How Much Should Your Yoga Studio Charge for Classes?

If you teach yoga and/or run a yoga studio, how much should you charge for classes? Read here to get some ideas and considerations for yoga class pricing.

6 Yoga Business Management Software Must-Have Features

If you run a yoga studio, probably your least favorite activities involve sitting in front of a computer. However, running a yoga studio is running a business and does require administration. Read this article to find out 6 fundamental yoga business management software features that will save you time sitting in front of a computer and give you more time teaching yoga.

How To Run A Taxi Business: Tips About Dealing With Angry Customers

Let’s consider a specific example: a regular client of your taxi service calls to book a fare to go to the train station. The cab gets stuck in traffic, is late for the pickup, the client misses the train and is really mad about it. Situations like this happen in your taxi service on a regular basis.

Small Business Accounting – Options Galore

Small business accounting is often viewed by the business owner as simply a necessary evil. The owner who does his own accounting would prefer to spend the time spent on bookkeeping be spent on things that he does best like product development and marketing.