WATCH LIVE: Pike County Massacre Motions Hearing

WATCH LIVE: Pike County Massacre Motions Hearing

Why Using Corporate Marketing Can Kill Your Small Business

Most small business owners take their lead from the big, successful companies when it comes to producing their marketing. But doing it that way can be fatal to your business success. Here’s why.

A Website for Small Business Is an Important Necessity

A website for small business is essential in today’s marketplace. The days are long gone when having a website for your small business is an option. It is now a necessity for your small business to have one.

Making Money Out of Bidding on Storage Units

Bidding on storage units could be a fun and exciting, albeit tedious and possibly frustrating, way of making money through reselling – it’s like playing “The Price is Right,” not by guessing the price of one single item but by making the highest bid on a roomful of items that you do not get to inspect closely. There are different rules and processes that are followed in bidding on these storage units, often depending on specific state laws and standard procedures as followed by each storage facility.

Make Extra Money at Home – Online Business Tips

Three of the biggest problems in getting started online are: 1. Just trying to narrow down what type of business to start. 2. Assembling all the tools necessary to put the business to work online. 3. Figuring out how to use the tools and what the most efficient methods are for getting the business going and then maintaining that momentum.

Boost Design-Business Confidence

Whether you want to silence that internal voice that says “I can’t do it”, or you’ve had an experience that’s knocked your self-belief, or even when all is going well – a great success tool is to keep your business confidence high. Here are six methods to increase and maintain confidence in your ability to run your creative business.