Caught on Camera: Suspects Allegedly Stealing Police Cruisers

Caught on Camera: Suspects Allegedly Stealing Police Cruisers

Auction Storage Units – You Just Don’t Know What You’re Going To Get

These auction storage units can be likened to a box of chocolates, it’s like opening something and you just don’t know what is in store for you. If you are not yet aware of what these self storage units are all about, here is a brief overview. People who need extra space to keep important belongings usually rent a self storage unit. When a renter fails to pay for the unit’s rent until after their contract expires, the storage facility can put the unit up for auction.

Scheduling for the Modern Era: Online Is the Way to Go

When it comes to scheduling your employee’s and letting them know when to show up, the days of pen and paper are out – Online is in. No small business should be writing out a schedule [or even printing one from a spreadsheet program] and having their employee’s photocopying or writing down their hours. That’s time wasted; your employee’s could be stocking one more shelf, folding one more shirt, cutting one more lawn or….You get the point, it’s time to make the switch. It may seem like a hard switch to make, but in reality is actually very easy and has many benefits.

2 Successful Advertising Strategies

In today’s business world you cannot really have a successful business without implementing successful advertising strategies. You’re not going to “word of mouth” your way to big business triumph. You’ve decided to start a business and you’ve told your friends family and associates; you have a business plan but some things are missing.

Is Investing In A Farm A Smart Decision?

For a number of reasons investing in a farm could be a very intriguing plan. Farms are a great strategy for growing food or becoming self-sufficient and could be also a good way to supplement earning profits from land improvement or business ideas like a bed and breakfast. Of course how good of an idea this is will be almost completely based upon whether or not you get a good deal on the land in question.

Small Business Finance Mistakes

When you are in business the whole idea is to make a profit. Without a profit your business will go down the tube. This will even happen sometimes when there is a profit if cash flow is not seen to. While most people who run a business – especially a small business – are good at what they do, some of them are not good at managing money.