WATCH LIVE: FL v. Anthony Todt Trial Day 4

WATCH LIVE: FL v. Anthony Todt Trial Day 4

Manage Your Overheads To Minimise Your Risk

Overheads are a necessary evil when it comes to scaling your business, but it is an evil that can very quickly, (and efficiently) render you insolvent if you do not manage your business growth properly. The equity in a business can be leveraged into a line of credit, a loan, or an extension on a credit card.

How to Eliminate Barriers to Sales

Canvas bags in-hand, you grab your wallet and shut up the car. You walk into the farmer’s market, excited to check out all the local and organic produce. And then it hits you… You have no cash with you.

Multiple Streams of Income Needed

Multiple Streams of Income are needed in your business. The term Multiple Streams of Income is one that is bandied around in various arenas. What it really means though is Multiple Streams of Marketing. Yes! Multiple Streams of Marketing If your business has just one marketing strategy and that goes flat, your business is headed for disaster. And it may not recover from it quickly enough to save the business from going under.

If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat!

This wonderful yet challenging quote from John Ortberg was not originally meant to apply to a home based entrepreneur, but it sure fits. Your boat represents safety and security. Your boat is where you take shelter when life gets stormy. Your boat is whatever pulls you away from taking the next step in growing your business. Your boat is keeping you from making the leap to a more professional image for your clients.

How to Sell Your Plumbing Business for More Money, in Less Time, and With Fewer Hassles

If you are a plumbing contractor looking to retire in the next 2-5 years, are you doing everything you need to do in order to ensure success selling your business? Most plumbing company owners NEVER sell their businesses. Those that do, often do so at a financial loss and only after having the business on the market for months… even years. Learn some steps you can take right now, to help achieve success when you sell your plumbing business.