Accused Family Murderer Anthony Todt Testifies in His Own Defense

Accused Family Murderer Anthony Todt Testifies in His Own Defense

Get Leveraged With Online Software

The reality is that pretty much all software is going “online”, and the savvy business owners will get leveraged with online software. I was at a networking event where a bookkeeper was talking about the benefits of using online accounting software. “You no longer buy the software”, she said, “you just subscribe to use it online for a period of time.” The book-keeper commented that the subscription started from about $20 per month, and someone said “I don’t want to pay for software. I only look for free software.” I turned to the person next to me and whispered, “some people just don’t get it, do they?” They just don’t understand yet how to get leveraged with online software.

Protecting Your Small Business From The Heartbleed Bug

As a small business owner, merchant, or retailer you are accountable for protecting your customers’ cardholder data, personnel information, and sensitive company documents. To ensure protection of your business, learn more about the Heartbleed bug and how it could impact your business operations, and follow the recommendations to secure your computer networks and mobile devices from potential harm from this software vulnerability.

Financing a Business Purchase – What You Need to Know

Financing a business purchase is very different to purchasing a property. The three major things to consider are the security, the serviceability and the risk. All three are taken into consideration when applying for a loan to purchase a business.

Why Drop Shipping Is An Excellent Option For New Sellers

If you have ever considered opening a new business but have limited capital to store products, then you might want to consider drop shipping. Drop shipping is a type of selling where the product is not stored by the merchant himself.

You Cannot Just Cut Your Expenses to Achieve Business Success

When business is slow, many companies try to stay in business by cutting expenses. Although it may be necessary in the short-term, this is not a long-term solution for building a successful business.