Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, Final Judgment Entered in Depp v. Heard (L&C Daily)

Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, Final Judgment Entered in Depp v. Heard (L&C Daily)

Hidden Benefits of Janitorial Services

We received a surprising request for a janitorial quote, along with a fascinating story that shows some of the hidden benefits of hiring a janitorial service for your business. Here is a look at those hidden benefits and some other ways that hiring a janitorial service can positively affect your workplace and your bottom line.

Just Say No – 3 Steps to Creating Boundaries and Keeping Them

Your client asks you to create a document that she really should do on her own. You say sure, I’ll have it to you by tomorrow. What you don’t remember is that you already have tons of work to do that night. So you end up staying late to finish it and it still takes you 2 days to work on. You end up feeling bitter and wondering why clients are just so hard sometimes.

Purchasing Guide to Pop Up Gazebos

If you are reading this, I think we can take it for granted that you have an interest in pop up gazebos and that you are probably thinking about investing in one. With this Buyer’s Guide, I am going to arm you with as much knowledge as possible to enable you to make an informed decision.

Getting the Funds for Starting a Small Business

One of the most common problems that aspiring business owners have to deal with is the lack of funds to put up a small business. They may have a brilliant business idea brewing in their minds, and some may even have a complete business plan laid out up to the first five years of running their business. The only thing missing is the financial capital needed to actually start the business.

Brand For Today Not For Forever

Every day I meet another business owner who isn’t putting herself out into the world because she isn’t sure about her niche market, her tagline or her company name. Can you relate? Do you find yourself avoiding networking events or not talking about your business at parties or events because you aren’t quite happy with the name of your business or you aren’t totally sure who you serve?