Sovereign Citizen Traffic Fail #47

Sovereign Citizen Traffic Fail #47

Selling Custom Uniforms

Custom uniforms are a multimillion dollar industry that grows every year. Uniforms promote unity within workplaces, present a more professional appearance, and also generate brand identity. If you are already involved in the promotional apparel business, entering the uniform market is not difficult at all.

5 Ways To Tame A Dragon

5 Top Tips on How to Manage a Difficult Person and end up Taming a Dragon! These are the tools you have always wished you had with you at a meeting that went wrong.

Investment Opportunities in Africa

Lately, Africa has been the heart of the business world. Many entrepreneurs have sprung, over the past years, from countries with high economic growth, such as, South Africa, Angola, Ethiopia, Nigeria, etc. The aim is to analyze data and use it to induce investors, that Africa is the future of investment.

An Integrity Assessment – Would Your Business Pass?

At first glance, it seems as if it’d be tough to provide an assessment on one’s integrity. After all, how do we measure it? Thinking back to my days of internal auditing with the Federal Government, I was looking for the measurement.

Step Out of Your Circle

Stepping out of your circle to attract more clients, donations or sales doesn’t have to break your bank, it only takes creativity and sensible planning. Our current market conditions provide some benefits to small and medium size business owners. Here are 3 ideas to consider as you plan to step out of your circle this year.