Peace Corps Volunteers Break Silence On Alleged Sexual Assault Problem

Peace Corps Volunteers Break Silence On Alleged Sexual Assault Problem

Raise the Price and Be a Winner – Short Tutorial of the Art of Pricing

Pricing is an essential part of any business. Yet most business owners and managers are reluctant to grab this opportunity of increased revenue as they are afraid of loosing business. To avoid that income tap you need a clear strategy.

5 Keys to The Importance of Being Flexible In Business

I am not talking here about downward facing dog, cow face or cobra. I am referring to the fact that business is a fickle beast and as such can throw unexpected obstacles into your path with no word of notice.

Buying and Selling Gemstones – How to Determine the Price of a Gem

Buying or selling gemstones is something most jewelers, big or small, have to do at some point of their careers. If you have started a home based business selling hand made jewelry knowing your gems can save you lots of money when buying supplies, and allow you to price correctly expensive pieces that use precious gemstones, both when buying and selling. Learning how to determine the price of a gem starts with knowing how gems are evaluated.

Weighing the Differences Between eCommerce and Traditional Commerce

Due to the increased popularity and availability of Internet access many traditional small business are considering eCommerce as a valid and profitable sales channel. However, eCommerce and traditional commerce are very different, and it’s important to weight carefully the differences between eCommerce and traditional commerce in order to decide if it would be a good fit for your business or just a costly mistake.

A Good Lease Is Essential to the Health of Your Business

Is the lease on your building coming due in a month or two? Do you sometimes think you need more space? Can you always afford the monthly payment? “I know I cannot afford to lose this location.” “If I lose my lease, I lose my business.” Having the right lease terms is essential to the ongoing health of your small business. How are the terms of your lease? Do you know what you should do about all the issues concerning your lease? Let’s explore just some of the issues.