Sovereign Citizen Court Fail

Sovereign Citizen Court Fail

Starting an Engineering Company Today Can Be Like Driving Into Death Valley

I decided to try to make the move to a company that sounded like they would be prepared to ride out the upcoming recession in May of 2008. After being let go from that company, I wasn’t sure what to do, especially since the company was supposed to have had the type of clients who would not be hit so hard by the down economy.

5 Strategies For a Prosperous Family Business

When it comes to hiring and working with family members, there are a few things that could potentially inhibit your business due to your family ties. Here are 5 tips that can help strengthen, organize, and overall lead to a successful family business.

Lifestyle Design: 3 Tips Towards Achieving the Life You Want

So many people get stuck in a restricting lifestyle where they have no time to focus on what is most important to them. By following these guidelines below, you can design the lifestyle and profit goals you have always wanted.

Setting Up A Student Computer Repair Company

When setting up your student computer repair company, you should be looking into what issues are commonly found with students computers and how they can be fixed. The list below will be some of the main issues that are found with students’ computers. Viruses – Students are always downloading information and some times the files downloaded aren’t what they seem to be, and they end up downloading a virus!

Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses

Big businesses may be able to pay a bit more for their credit card services and not feel the pinch too much in their bottom line. For a small business, though, every dollar counts, and excessive processing fees can add up to a closed sign. Finding the right credit card processing services is essential for any company, but for the small entrepreneur, it can be the difference between profit and loss.