NJ v Michael Barisone Trial Day 4 - Direct Exam of Robert Goodman - Lauren Kanarek's Boyfriend

NJ v Michael Barisone Trial Day 4 – Direct Exam of Robert Goodman – Lauren Kanarek’s Boyfriend

Sales Skills for Small Business Owners

Selling is a very important aspect of any business and although many small business owners don’t like to consider themselves as ‘sales people’ per se in reality small business owners are actually key sales people who know their business and product or service offering better than anyone else in most instances. Let’s identify what some key sales skills are and discuss how they can be further developed. In a nutshell the key ‘must have’ sales skills include: Confidence – Relationship building skills – Listening – Persuasion…

Anchor and Nooses: Two Big Drains on Your Business

Business is a tough game. Continually we need to operate in three areas to ensure we produce consistent outcomes. The businesses we work with are challenged to:

4 Tips to Help You Reach Business Success

In everyday life we can become overwhelmed when we have too many things on our plate. What we don’t think is that it is possible to get everything done on time and in an efficient way.

Booklet Tips – Forms of ROI

When purchasing something, especially for your business, you probably want to know what the return will be on your investment, the ROI. Your clients want to know what their return will be, too. Unless you consider and communicate the likely returns they will experience, you are missing a crucial piece of communication with them, making their decision more difficult. More importantly, you need to present the ROI in terms that matter to the decision maker.

Small Business Leadership: $200 for a New Customer

Attention: Small business owner or struggling salesperson – Are you sick and tired of looking at the wall while making phone call after phone call, only to find no prospect wants to talk to you about your offering? Are you an experienced business owner or salesperson that used to generate business by knocking on doors or shaking hands at networking functions? Do you find that somehow in today’s fast-paced world that’s not working for you? So are you ready to try something different? Here’s a valuable FREE gift, from me to you: