NJ v. Michael Barisone Trial Day 4 - Direct Exam (No Cross) of Dr. Mark Widman - Treated Victim

NJ v. Michael Barisone Trial Day 4 – Direct Exam (No Cross) of Dr. Mark Widman – Treated Victim

Booklet Tips – Franchises: Buyers and Marketers

Much like how associations are both your large quantity buyer and then your marketer to their members, many companies that are structured as franchises can be that type of client for you, too. Working with that kind of structure means you can reach and help many more people, and everyone involved within the franchise can increase their revenue.

Booklet Tips – Associations: Buyers and Marketers

If you have ever been a member or a leader in a professional association or society in your field, you know there can be an “up” side, a “down” side and just about everything in between. Like so many other experiences in life, the “down” side can often be re-framed into something positive once you look through different filters.

Why You Want to Leverage the Power of Pissed Off People

When there’s a problem, some people see a problem. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, see a possibility. Do you think the taxi app Uber would have come about if people were actually happy with the way they got a taxicab? It was created because someone listened to the pissed off people and decided to find a solution for their problem. If someone is pissed off, then there is a problem. If there are enough POPs, then you have an entrepreneurial opportunity.

It’s Official

IT’S OFFICIAL! As of October 14, 2015, the final rule to the Woman-Owned Small Business Contract Program is effective. You are probably wondering “What does that mean for me?” Well, if you are a woman owned business, it means A LOT!

Do You Feel Guilty Charging People Who Need Your Help?

One of the most common reasons I see for business owners (and women in particular) undercharging, failing to chase late payers – and in some cases not charging AT ALL – is that they feel guilty ‘taking’ money from people who clearly need their help in one way or another. I can relate to that, but it’s probably sabotaging your business…