Nikolas Cruz’s Online Searches, Hateful YouTube Comments Before Massacre Revealed

Nikolas Cruz’s Online Searches, Hateful YouTube Comments Before Massacre Revealed

The Essential Characteristics of a Successful Art Business

This article is an in-depth look at how one can be successful at the art world. I have interviewed 4 local professionals (Gallery Owner, Small Business Coach, Artist, and Berkshire Creative Manager) all whom have positive messages about how you can succeed in the ever changing art world.

5 Tips To Creating Small Business Tribes

Big brands grow their tribes from within. Small businesses grow their tribes from the outside. The most important consideration would be how your business can further engage consumers to entice them to join your tribe.

How Does Your Business Find the Right Credit Card Processing Servicer?

Most of your customers don’t carry a lot of cash when they are shopping. Accepting credit or debit cards from your customers could lead to more and bigger purchases from your buyers. How do you choose which credit cards to accept? How do you find a good credit card processing service? Read further for important tips.

Your Company Knows No Limits!

Are you holding your company back? The company you launched has grown and developed its own energy. The capabilities of your business are only limited by what you hold them to be. Listen to your business and make sure you give it wings.

I Love What I Do! Are You Sure?

“I love my job” is a phrase that may be used more in jest than in truth. In fact if you have ever said “I love my job,” I am going to offer you some food for thought today. If you think you love your job (and I hope that you think that), I ask you to really consider all the aspects of your job. Do you love the hours? Or the people you work with? Or the travel; the commute; the slow payers; the no payers; the people problems, and the systems problems?