How America's Billionaires Legally Avoid Paying Taxes (Brian Ross Investigates)

How America’s Billionaires Legally Avoid Paying Taxes (Brian Ross Investigates)

How Online Bookings Can Boost Your Sales

These days it’s financial suicide not to have a website for your business. It’s no longer expensive to setup a business website, and it’s essential to the survival of any business today. What many business owners don’t realize is that it’s also very inexpensive and easy to take it one step further and start offering customers the option of online bookings.

What You Must Know About Federal Government Contract Bids

The United States government purchases a lot of goods and services and in order to ensure that small business owners are prospering, the federal government seeks to contract with them. As a small business owner, if you are interested in securing contracts with the federal government, the following tips will be helpful to you.

Down Payments On Business Loans And Where You Can Get Yours

Why do small business lenders require down payments on their business loans? And where can you get yours?

5 Goal-Setting Lessons Learnt From Giving Up Chocolate

From an early age, I remember loving the taste of chocolate. Over the years, I have used chocolate both as a reward and a stress-reducing mechanism. Last year I became concerned about my dependency on chocolate. I needed to know that I could give it up by choice. So I did just that. Here are my five key lessons from that experience which I have been able to apply to my working life.

Booklet Tips – Print, Download, or Both

The discussion of whether it still makes sense to print your tips booklet or only do digital downloadable versions seems to get louder with each passing day. In some cases one format is best; in different situations, the other format is ideal; and sometimes it makes sense to have both. The overriding answer about this is “it depends.”