Fans Theorize Amber Heard's Outfits are Strategically Chosen (L&C Daily)

Fans Theorize Amber Heard’s Outfits are Strategically Chosen (L&C Daily)

Virtual Offices: The Future of All Businesses

You can actually conduct meetings anywhere and at any time. But the issue that restricts this move is the lack of any base location. A professional business presence is very important to become successful.

Are You Building Relationships With Your Prospects Backwards?

Recently, a friend of mine and fellow business owner came to me and said, “I don’t get it. I am doing everything I’m supposed to in order to build relationships with my prospective clients, but no one is hiring me! I keep track of the things they tell me. I follow-up with them and ask about life events and family members. I am building good relationships, but it’s not working!”… The reason it’s not working is that, though she is building relationships with her prospects, she is doing it backwards.

Why Landlords Should Avoid Prospective Tenants With Tax Liens

Of the literally millions of tenant screening credit reports handled by our office since 1980, none are so confusing as those where the tenant has excellent credit, but a great big nasty Federal or State tax lien filed against them. We have been asked the question a thousand times: “Why didn’t you tell me not to lease my rental unit to that beautiful lady who your tenant screening report said: ‘has great credit but an outstanding tax lien’?” What most landlords do not understand about a Federal or a State tax lien is that lien priority;…

Event Planning Company

Be it a wedding, family get together or birthday party, you can definitely see a bunch of decently dressed men running from pillar to post. A lot of responsibilities ride on their shoulders as they have to look into all aspects of the function.

Running a Small Business: The Top 5 Things Every Business Owner NEEDS to Know

Running your own small or medium sized business can be an extremely satisfying and valuable experience; there’s something very empowering about knowing you have control over your own destiny and using your talents to build something that you are proud of. However (and that’s a big however), the journey can be long and tough and beset with pitfalls. This article will look at the top 5 things that every business owner really needs to know!