"He lost control of his bowels and I had to clean it up" Says Amber Heard

“He lost control of his bowels and I had to clean it up” Says Amber Heard

How Do Cleaning Service Company Owners Pay Themselves?

You’ve been working hard to improve your cleaning service business. Congratulations! Now that your company has income coming in, here’s a question you may have: How do I (the business owner) get paid?

Power, Passion and Self Awareness

Is your business growing as fast as you are? Sometimes we make changes in ourselves and it takes some time for those changes to show up measurably in the ‘outside world’ and in the results we’re creating. It’s subtle perhaps, but by keeping your discipline and focus on the changes, and being patient (but not too patient, these things CAN happen quickly) and constant in your practice of new habits and ways of approaching life, you’ll see wonderful results start to happen.

What Does the Future Hold for Your Business? Every Business Owner Should Have a Buy-Sell Agreement

Part 3 of a 5 Part Series: In Part 1, we recognized the need to establish a succession plan for your business; and we discussed the importance of identifying and developing individuals to whom the management, executive decision-making, and ownership of your business will pass. Whether you determine that the business should pass to family members, key employees, or will be sold to a third party, it is critical that you document your intentions in a document often referred to as a “buy-sell agreement.”

Nurturing for Sustainable Business Success

What’s your job as a business owner? At its core, it’s to make money — regardless of anything else, the basic job of a business is to make a profit. Period. For those of us who really want to make a difference, this can be tough to remember/focus on.

Best Ways to Find an Assistant

Some information for you on the best ways to hire and find an assistant. Many people look at resumes and think they have found the perfect assistant but I never found this to be the case. Although it states their qualities and experience, you never really know how qualified a person is until you interview them.