Happy Hour with Law Talk With Mike 5-6-22

Happy Hour with Law Talk With Mike 5-6-22

Renting a Shared Office Space: Why Should You Consider It?

Whether you are in the process of establishing your own company from the ground up or are thinking of relocating your freelancing business to a more professional location, you should seriously consider renting a shared office space. Why should you? Here are some very good reasons why doing so can be considered a wise business decision.

How to Grow a Business in the Hospitality Industry

This article contains some key business development strategies for running and growing a successful hospitality business. Imagine if you had a successful formula to bring existing customers through the door more frequently as well as lots of new ones! What difference would that make to your every day life? Read on to discover more…

How Small Business Owners Can Boost Their Cash Flow

Efficient management of cash within a small business can lead to steady growth and a healthy profit, but unfortunately the opposite is also true. Insolvency is often the result of poor cash management within a business, causing a stack of unpaid bills and very unhappy suppliers.

Implementation for the New Year

Implementation is where the rubber hits the road and the flag drops. Those that can implement leave all others in the dust. It is the only true way to gain measurable results because before anything is implemented all is theory, hopes and dreams.

Steam Wash Systems: Simplifying Soap Scum Removal

Eco-friendly soap scum removal machines that easily remove soap scum from floors, walls, show stalls, bathtubs and sliding doors. Helps for bathroom maintenance in most hospitality settings and restrooms.