Habitual Sidewalk Driver Caught in Florida

Habitual Sidewalk Driver Caught in Florida

Customer Service After the Sale Still Drives Business Sales – Part 1

Except for the way they are executed, not a lot has changed in small business sales and marketing strategies since I first wrote my 1998 article, It’s the Service After the Sale That Builds Your Small Business: 5 Tips for Improving Customer Service. You still see marketing strategy much more focused on attracting new buyers and selling new products and services than on keeping each current client happy and increasing sales volume with good customer service. Today, not just books but entire blogs and social media sites as well as numerous training programs and workshops are dedicated to marketing strategies like generating new leads and building your client base as a method to raise sales volume. But what about keeping the customers or clients you have by focusing on outstanding after the sale customer service?

3 Myths That Stifle Most Meetings

Why do some meetings work…but many die a dismal death? Get the low-down right here on the 3 big myths that kill most meetings-and learn the truth that will set you free.

Boost E-Marketing Through an Online Scheduler Calendar

An online scheduler calendar is not only the perfect tool to improve the way a business or organization books and manages its appointments and reservations. It can also be used to seamlessly create and send e-marketing messages to customers.

Business Model Basics – Getting It Right First Time

So many businesses run into problems as they have not really worked out their business model. This in layman’s terms, refers to the full picture of how your business will work and make you money for the time, effort and financial resources you put in. A successful business model makes for a HAPPY business, as you are efficient, scalable and most importantly, profitable.

What Is a Registered Agent and Why Does My Entity Need One?

Are you forming a corporation, LLC or other entity that you must register with a Secretary of State or similar state agency to form? You’ll need a registered agent to comply with state regulation for registering your entity.