Analyzing Brian Laundrie's Notebook, Feds Recommend 25-Year Sentence for Derek Chauvin (L&C Daily)

Analyzing Brian Laundrie’s Notebook, Feds Recommend 25-Year Sentence for Derek Chauvin (L&C Daily)

Pursuing Customers That Won’t Pay Their Bills

As a business owner, there are times when you want to pursue customers who won’t pay their bills, no matter what it cost us. Well, you really need to think twice when this occurs. I know you want to be right and prove the customer is wrong. But is it really worth it. It will cost you way more than you think. Read on and see what I mean.

Invest in Your Employees – 7 Inexpensive and Easy Tips

Do you think of your employees as assets? Don’t disregard the effect your employees have on your business. In my business, the customers know my staff by name and have a personal relationship with them. This article explains how to develop, challenge, and nourish the human assets in your life by providing them with benefits, giving them your undivided attention, picking their brains, and sending them on trips.

Things To Prepare Before Obtaining Small Business Loans

Obtaining money to operate a small business is not an easy task to do. As a small business owner, you surely know the difficulty in obtaining funds for your business. At the beginning, you may use your personal saving for the operation costs. But if is not enough you can use loan to run your business…

The No 1 Most Important Behavior For Business Success

In today’s world, the small business owner rules. However, not all small business owners are created equal and the only way to prove that to the rest of the world is through Marketing. Marketing allows you to build value, brand awareness, and trust with the public. How will they know who you are unless they can see you? If you don’t constantly market your business to your potential clientele, you will be lost in a sea of options. You will not be able to set yourself apart and you will not be successful… guaranteed! Marketing is the single-most important aspect to developing a successful business.

Have Smartphone, Will Travel: Starting a Business With Your Smartphone

Smartphones have been ranked as the number 1 invented product in the last hundred years, according to The History Channel and Popular Mechanic. They surveyed the top 101 products with the help of a group of world wide well known tech gurus.