GBI Releases Bodycam Footage of Woman Who Died After Falling from Patrol Car

GBI Releases Bodycam Footage of Woman Who Died After Falling from Patrol Car

Starting a Business – Passion Is the Foundation

When you decide to start your own business, there are many choices that must be made. First, you must decide what.

On Hiring Employees for a Taxi Company

In a taxi business getting the right people the first time matters a lot. Just think about how much money you’re losing by not having enough cars on the road, by not having a mechanic who takes great care of the cars, by drivers not showing up on time and not wanting to work weekends, etc, etc. The problem here is that most taxi business owners and managers have no idea how to properly do hiring and selection.

Taxi Business Tips: How Much to Pay Your Employees

Many taxi business owners get stuck in the mentality of being cheap, which spreads all over their taxi companies. That’s the exact opposite of how things should be done. You’ve got to create better working conditions, so that all your employees will have a fear of losing their jobs.

How to Run a Taxi Company: No Broken Windows, No Broken Business

Broken Windows, Broken Business is a book by Michael Levine based on an article that first came in 1982 by two criminologists who suggested that fighting even the smallest crimes really hard helps reduce much bigger crimes. The idea behind it is that if you don’t fight small things, like graffiti, it sends a message to criminals and bigger things start happening. It starts with graffiti, than it gets to broken windows.

A Helpful Guide to Find Business Investors

Getting financial assistance to run an early stage venture is very difficult, and this is when angel networks are very useful. These networks just look for a strong business plan and entrepreneurship skills, and provide the required amount in tune of millions of dollars.