Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson Suspended Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson Suspended Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Fighting Theft in Your Taxi Service

One of the painful subjects for taxi business owners is fighting theft, be it money by your dispatchers, calls by your drivers, or even use of your copy machine in the office. Here’s what you need to know to successfully fight theft in your taxi company: theft-wise people are divided into three categories. The first category is people that don’t steal ever.

How to Run a Taxi Service: Work IN Your Business

One of the big mistakes taxi business owners make is not working “in” their taxi company. I am a huge proponent of working “on” your business and devoting a lot of time to marketing, acquiring customers and making sure that customers stick with you, but you also got to work in your taxi service. Answer the phones.

How to Run a Taxi Service: Be in Control by Using Technology

In this article I’d like to talk specifically about things that let you be in control and let you remove the gap between what you think is happening in your taxi business and what is actually happening. The answer to removing the gap is simple: extensive use of technology, and by that I mean record both audio and video in your office and in the cars. The reasons to use technology and to have all the recordings are:

How to Run a Taxi Service: Why Your Way Should Be the Only Way

When running a taxi service, you need to understand and remember that your employees are not your friends and your taxi company is yours, not theirs. Harsh reality is that if they can steal from you, if you let them steal from you, they will be stealing from you. If you don’t track how they are doing the work – they aren’t going to be doing it the way you want, they will be doing it the way that’s easiest for them.

How To Run A Taxi Business: What You Need To Understand About Your Employees

Operating a taxi business means having employees and usually it’s a lot of employees: drivers, dispatchers, reservationists, mechanics, managers, salespeople, etc. The article talks about what having all these employees mean.