Dan Abrams Discusses How Live PD Will Change When It Returns

Dan Abrams Discusses How Live PD Will Change When It Returns

Where to Find Scrap Metal

The biggest hurdle for anyone trying to break into the scrap metal business is actually finding the metal. In this article I outline several places to start looking for scrap metal, offer strategies on professionalism, and explain in detail my personal methods that I have been successfully using for years.

Employing Flat Fee Recovery Techniques

There is a better way to collect the money owed to you other than contingency collections. Although contingency collections does have its place in the world of debt recovery recovering at a one time low rate upfront often is the best method because clients typically receive every penny of whats owed to them paid directly.

Small Business Advice: So You Want to Have It All? DO THIS

Unfortunately, when you just get by, you can’t possibly win. Because in order to HAVE IT ALL, (money, time off, more help, freedom), you have to GIVE IT YOUR ALL.

What Is a Business Success Coach?

What is Business Coaching and how could it help my business reach my goals? Business Coaching helps businesses by providing business coaching and business advice to help businesses maximize profit and revenue.

Sample Collection Letter Templates and Why They Do Not Work

Many businesses are attempting to recover funds owed to them by using a collection letter template. The hunt on Google for sample collection letters and templates has been on since the first bill that was sent out by anyone. Most searchers are finding needless results and sometimes coming up with collections gold by obtaining the Holy Grail, “a free collection letter template.”