Constitutional Law Expert Discusses Roe v. Wade, Freedom of Religion in School (Floyd Abrams)

Constitutional Law Expert Discusses Roe v. Wade, Freedom of Religion in School (Floyd Abrams)

10 Good Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Deserve a Raise!

By my calculations, based on their roles and responsibilities, the average small business owner should be paying themselves around a million dollars a year! “Fat chance” you say! Well, you’re probably right. But I did say should – not could! Here’s why.

SBA Loan Requirements 101 – Identify Your Business First

Before you apply for Small Business Administration (SBA) program, you should closely identify your business first. Failing on recognizing your own business will surely hold your application from being approved. I can say the below lists are strongly related to SBA loan requirements. Understanding several of the problems before you start your business will help you avoid them.

Small Business: The First Step in Improving Your Small Business

There is a massive cry from business consultants recommending that small business owners take the time to improve their business to deal with the current market climate. The question is where do you start? I am going to take a broad look at the areas you need to look at when you start the process of improving your business.

Promotional Products for Smaller Business

In the current economic climate it is important for businesses to find new and exciting ways to save money. Marketing firms no longer have the spending power to launch high profile television or radio campaigns and so they must think of different methods through which they can market their company, products and services. There are lots of tools a marketer has at their disposal, but one fantastic way to market a business is to use promotional products and gifts.

Find Your Own Super Power to Increase Business Efficiency

When you’re a small business owner if you’re spending time doing the things that you love the most, your “Super Powers” if you will, then you’ll find that business efficiency will naturally follow. Learn some simple tips to help discover what your own Super Powers are.