Former Atlanta Attorney Tex McIver’s Murder Conviction Overturned by Top Georgia Court

Former Atlanta Attorney Tex McIver’s Murder Conviction Overturned by Top Georgia Court

Budget-Friendly Trade Show Exhibits for Startups and Small Businesses

Attending trade shows can be a big financial burden for startups and small businesses. This article highlights several budget-friendly trade show exhibit ideas, such as refurbishing old equipment, purchasing used displays, and sharing costs with another company.

Small Business Ideas – The Reason We All Find It So Hard To Come Up With One!

Do you spend your time dreaming of owning your own business and having a different lifestyle. Many of us are keen to quit our jobs and set up on our own, whilst others who are unemployed would love the opportunity to have their own business. So what stops us?

Replacing and Maintaining Storage Containers

Oil containment tanks, fuel bladders, fluid containment tanks and more all have the singular job of protecting chemicals, fluids and in some cases gasses and keeping them locked away in order to prevent spillage or leak. This is a highly important task and it is required to avoid damage to environment as well as the wastage of expensive and valuable commodities. Thus these containment tanks go to all manner of lengths in order to safely contain the fluids – taking into account precautions in case of spillages, having flex points in order to absorb shock impact, and even in some…

Do-It-Yourself Marketing – What Works, What Doesn’t

In this day and age of localization, it is now possible to see TV commercials on nationally famous shows that relate to your immediate area. These are priced for affordability for the advertiser but they also serve the purpose of bolstering ad revenues for local networks which otherwise would not gain advertisers who only target a limited geography. As a result of this phenomenon, some of the commercials we see are obviously self-produced since affording a big-city Madison Avenue advertising agency is a bit of a stretch for small advertisers, especially in this economy.

Why to Find a Niche for Your Small Business

Today, everyone is talking about niche marketing niche businesses and niche websites, but not many people know how or even why to find a niche for themselves. Specifically, you don’t know how or why to find a niche for your business. Many people aren’t even sure what a niche is.