Closing Argument: Sandy Hook Family’s Lawyer Urges Jury to Make Alex Jones Pay Up

Closing Argument: Sandy Hook Family’s Lawyer Urges Jury to Make Alex Jones Pay Up

Starting an At Home Business – Is It Worth the Effort?

Read an unbiased account about why a start at home business is a great idea in most cases. This is written by someone who is actually doing it.

Office IT, From Mad Men to Now and Beyond

Office info tech has changed a lot since the early 1960s, and it’s going to change just as much in a few years. So spend wisely, small business.

5 Keys To Delivering Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

If you want to keep your customers happy, loyal and purchasing more and more of your products – you need to be a master at delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. Here are 5 steps on how to turn your customers into raving fans that buy a lot of your stuff.

Benefits of Having Content Management System Website for Small Business

In today’s modern business world, small businesses have to do all that they can to keep themselves relevant. One of the most important factors in promoting a small business is the setup and maintenance of a quality website. Content Management System (CMS) website makes it easier than ever for anyone to create and update a website. There are a plethora of benefits of having a content management system website for small business, and utilizing one may be one of the smartest business decisions that a small business owner can make.

What Is the Origin of the Limited Liability Company? (The Answer Might Just Surprise You!)

The LLC, or as it is officially known the Limited Liability Company, is indeed fairly new to the United States. In fact, in 1977, Wyoming became the first state to enact a limited liability company statute. Some people think that the first might have been an Nevada, LLC, or a Delaware, LLC. But they would be wrong. In this area of law, we have Wyoming to thank for importing the notion of a the limited liability company into this country.