Closing Argument: Alex Jones' Lawyer Cites Anti-Nazi Poem in Attempt to Sway Jury

Closing Argument: Alex Jones’ Lawyer Cites Anti-Nazi Poem in Attempt to Sway Jury

Modern Small Business – 6 Ideas About Change Being Essential To Be Profitable

Are you already a prosperous business? That’s great. But are you noticing that you feel exhausted by promoting your business the way you’ve usually done it? Then it’s time to go global using the internet. I know, I know. It can be inconvenient to have to learn a new way of doing business. But imagine what prosperous possibilities lay ahead for you when you get up to speed online? It’s cost effective and it can be fun.

Take Your Business to the Next Level – 3 Activities

As an entrepreneur, you are interested in business growth. Regardless of where your business is now, you want it to continue to grow.

A Cheaper, Better Way To Ship sells over 1,500 Mexican specialty products to Mexican food lovers around the world. One of its biggest sellers: Mexican Coke. “It’s made with real sugar cane in Mexico and has a unique taste,” says Ignacio (Nacho) Hernandez, Jr, co-founder of the San Diego, Calif., company. “People that move away really miss it!”

What’s Stopping Virtual Assistants From Attracting Their Ideal Clients?

Why is it that we, as an industry, struggle with attracting potential clients? It’s a common challenge… one that I’ve heard from Virtual Assistants for years. And one that I’ve even heard business owners complain about.

Become a Top Wedding Planner – 3 Ways to Educate Brides About Your Wedding Planning Services

Brides can have a lot of misconceptions about wedding planners because their knowledge is based on things they have seen in the movies and on television. It’s time to educate them on the benefits that you, the wedding planner, can give to brides and here is how you can do it.