Bodycam Shows Police Snipers Shooting Allegedly Armed Minnesota Man

Bodycam Shows Police Snipers Shooting Allegedly Armed Minnesota Man

The Convenience of a Serviced Office For Start-Up Businesses

Starting a new business can be daunting. In the early days, it makes sense to limit financial exposure and take advantage of the conveniences a serviced office provides.

Markup – Pricing Your Services When Customers Want to Pay Less Than You Do!

After 35 years of running a marketing business, one thing still bothers me. Markup! It seems and has always seemed to be a concept of deceit: camouflaging the true price of your service in order to make a profit at the expense of your customer. And customers don’t like it one bit!

What Are the Challenges on Making the Transition From a Big Organisation to Being Self Employed?

When you first transition from working in a big organisation to working for yourself there are a number of issues you need to consider. To start off with there is a great sense of freedom… no boss breathing down your neck, being able to schedule in going to the gym during the day, so what are the drawbacks? I made the transition ten years ago and have helped a number of clients through my business coaching practice make the same transition…

Tips On How To Keep The Customers You Have In The Carpet Cleaning Industry

This is a resource article for carpet cleaning businesses who want to keep the clients they’ve worked so hard to acquire. When I started my business, I used the analogy of building a brick house. Every customer is a brick. I’m going to do everything possible to retain this customer so my brick house is strong and not wobbly and ready to fall down!

Ways To Increase Your Business Credit Score

A bad business credit score is something that should not be ignored as it would affect your financial transactions in your business and your business till the credit score is improved. If you don’t know the reason why your application for a business loan was rejected then you need to have a look at your credit score.