Amber Heard Showed Up to Acting Sessions Crying, Coach Testifies

Amber Heard Showed Up to Acting Sessions Crying, Coach Testifies

Franchise Opportunities Vs Business Opportunities: Pros and Cons

A list of the advantages and disadvantages of both franchise business start-ups and non-franchised “Business Opportunity” business start-ups. A business brokers perspective on the pros and cons of each alternative and things to consider when deciding to start a business or maybe going the route to buy a business.

Grow Small Business With a New Customer Dynamic

The goal to grow small business has serious obstacles. The historic downturn in 2008 has ushered in a new era of meager economic growth. This article points to a fresh way any small business owner can look at their customer’s needs and values in a more updated approach. Having keener insight on what your customers value the most help owners who want to grow small business better position their products and services. Entrepreneurs who are more in tune with their customers are more likely to grow small business no matter how the overall economy performs.

Small Business Advice in a Slow Growth Economy – Two Inroads to Take

An increasing number of economists and small business experts admit the continuing challenge for sound small business advice for firms who want to grow. The historic global average of developed countries who experience a financial crisis is a full decade as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Evidence grows we are in for a decade of discouraging slow growth. In fact, the U.S.A. still significantly lags the long term average growth rate by a full percentage point since the 2008 Financial Crisis and recession officially ended. This slow growth rate impacts employment, spending and normal lending which are vital to a healthy growing economy. With a slow growth likely decade ahead, this article features two needed areas of encouragement and small business advice that above average growth is still quite practical.

Selling Your Business to a Competitor

In contemplating selling your business to a competitor, you should realize there are three different kinds of competitors: a direct competitor; an indirect competitor; and a near competitor. The direct competitor is one who competes with you nose to nose on product, service and price. The indirect competitor will compete with you on some products or services.

12 Essential Components to Turn Your Cleaning Company’s Website Into Lead Generating Machine! (Pt 1)

For years, cleaning business owners and BSC’s (building service contractors) were relegated to the “low tech” area of service industries, but no more. With the dawning of the information age and the introduction of simple tools like Google Analytics and Word Press blogs, themes and web sites, even those of us who don’t consider ourselves “geeks” are able to play on the internet stage.