WATCH LIVE: Closing Arguments In The Ryan Duke Trial In Tara Grinstead Murder Day 9

WATCH LIVE: Closing Arguments In The Ryan Duke Trial In Tara Grinstead Murder Day 9

Tips on Starting Out a Foreclosure Cleanout Business

Starting a foreclosure cleanout business is challenging yet rewarding. This is especially true today where you can see home foreclosures here and there. This article can help you if you are planning to venture into this kind of business.

Membership Managers on Main Street

Every Membership Manager knows the struggles of many of their small business members on Main Street since the Wall Street driven financial crisis. How can your association, franchise or client services organization provide the right membership services support with the new trends this coming decade? Knowing the accurate long term trends are vital in selecting the right small business packages. This article explores the six vital areas every Membership Manager should consider in helping their small business members grow.

How To Debate

Many of us argue yet we don’t know what we are talking about. Some of us think we are great speakers but we are poor salesmen. We can learn a lot from watching politicians debate because that’s what they do for a living. Some are effective. Some are not. The language of debate is thrown around and we are constantly told that open and honest debate is a better solution to our problems than resorting to conflict and violence. If we understood the parts of a debate and a few of its rules, it stands to reason that we could become more effective at persuading others. If more of us undertook true debate, we could be on a genuine path to resolving some of the worlds most vexing and complex problems, our social unwillingness to listen to positions we don’t agree with.

Difficulties in Tracking Preschool Attendance

Tracking attendance at a preschool isn’t as straight forward as it seems. Here are some ideas on different ways it can be done as well as some methods for keeping organized.

Poverty Does Not Exist, Wealth Is the Only Truth

Are you rich? You may be and do not even know it. The mind determines what your life will be like. If you dream and then build your dreams you are rich. If you dream and do nothing you are in poverty just like 90% of the world. Claim the truth that poverty doesn’t even exist and wealth building will be your only truth.