Amber Heard Fires Back, Tells Johnny Depp's Attorney to Look at Metadata on Photo

Amber Heard Fires Back, Tells Johnny Depp’s Attorney to Look at Metadata on Photo

Startup Business Guide for Starting a New Business

We are in a period when many startup businesses and entrepreneurs are quick to give up their startup business ideas on the pretense that “time is hard,” or simply put, “there is no money in the economy.” From my experience as a business coach, this as one of those good times when anyone that is serious about starting a new business should venture in. Many businesses started in economic recession have higher propensity of survival for many reasons ranging from less competition, cheap labour, and more support available for startup businesses. Although the emphasis is not on why you should be starting a new business in bad economy, nevertheless, it might interest you to remember that in every ten or fifteen years, economies go through phases of growth, recession, Trough, and recovery. With careful preparation, planning, and execution; great businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations are made at such times.

Government Procurement and Bid Matching – The Basics

You’ve decided you’re ready to jump headfirst into the government procurement marketplace. Federal, state and local governments are the nation’s largest customer, and you’re ready to get your piece of the procurement pie. Chances are, you have a product or service that the government already buys and may consider buying from you…but only if you’re the best match for the proposed government contract. Many companies have trouble succeeding in the world of government contracting for one simple reason: the inability to find the right opportunity. Finding the bid that best matches your product or service offering among literally hundreds of thousands of government opportunities can be a very daunting task. With a little help, including proper bid matching, any company has a shot at dominating the lucrative government bidding marketplace.

You Can Get a Bank Loan

All I hear from clients is that “it is impossible to get a loan from my bank”. I talk to bankers all the time and they say they are making loans. So, who is right, the bankers or the borrowers? I maintain that, if you can’t get a loan at your bank, you either do not have a complete loan package or you have credit problems. Conversely, if your loan package is complete and your credit is good, you are asking the wrong bank for a loan.

Who You Gonna’ Call?: Finding the Best Recruitment Agency for Your Company

Do you ever wonder what how to find out what staffing agency is best for your needs? Or ever thought that your small business can afford staffing. Well, read this article and find out how to shop for your next recruiter and agency.

6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Don’t Get Their Fair Share

The 6 things you need to get right to claim your place in the online world. Most small business owners are focused on things that keep them from doing what they really want to do. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to leverage the tools of the digital world to get a bigger piece of the pie for less effort?