Amber Heard Says She Wrote Op-Ed Because Johnny Depp is a 'Powerful Man'

Amber Heard Says She Wrote Op-Ed Because Johnny Depp is a ‘Powerful Man’

How to Give Praise That Fits

I often coach managers about how to deliver corrective feedback in ways that actually motivate, instead of creating fear and resentment. Sometimes people ask me, “But what about confirming feedback? Isn’t that important too?”

Marketing For Small Business – Helping Them Prosper By Making The Phone Ring

Are you ready to help small businesses with an online marketing plan? Read on to learn more about using your skills to help local businesses prosper.

Selling Your Business: Important Issues for Sellers to Know

This articles discusses some of the important issues which a seller should consider when selling his or her small business. The article describes the manner in which small businesses are sold, placing a value on your business and marketing tips for the seller of a small business.

Small Business Owners: Building Productive Teams Can Improve Your Profits

Building a great team is not easy, as your company grows it means changing your habits from the way you manage processes, how you hire, communicate and incentivize your employees, and delegate tasks to others that you once enjoyed doing. Creating, communicating, implementing, and sustaining the right team culture is the key catalyst to lasting success.

8 Essential Elements of an Online Business Plan

A business plan is very important regardless whether you are a brick and mortar business or a pure online business. It helps the entrepreneur apply for a business loan or seek for capital from investors. It helps establish the viability of one’s business. Thus, a business plan must be carefully crafted and must include the following elements: executive summary, company or business description, product or service description, market analysis, strategy and implementation, web plan summary, management team and financial analysis.