Amber Heard Allegedly Threw a Red Bull at Johnny Depp Says Bodyguard

Amber Heard Allegedly Threw a Red Bull at Johnny Depp Says Bodyguard

If City Governments Want More Business License Revenue – Offer the First Year Free?

Not long ago, I was talking to a very competent and hard-working young lady at a nearby municipality in charge of business licensing. This particular city had been doing various restructuring and budget cuts. Of course, they aren’t alone, it seems the bureaucracy at every level has to cut costs somewhere, or they won’t survive in the future. We’ve already had some high profile and large California cities file for bankruptcy, no one else wants to follow or join that club.

Which Legal Entity Is Right for My Business?

Many small business owners start with a sole proprietorship to avoid the costs of forming a corporation or LLC. This is a wise decision as statistics show that most small businesses lose money for the first several years. What about when the business starts to make a profit? There are several decisions that can be made about the type of legal entity one can form, and the tax ramifications differ as well. A general rule of thumb is to determine which entity will save the most money in taxes.

Learn How to Do Business At Home And Achieve Your Financial Independence in No Time

If you want to be able to boast of financial success, you must learn how to do business at home. There are a number of secrets that the so-called gurus don’t want you to know. Here, you would final a couple of ideas that can help you build a solid stream of income.

Six Store Set-Up Tips When Starting a Dollar Store

Proper store layout and set-up is one of the actions which most impact your sales when starting a dollar store. Read on to learn more about this topic.

7 Ways to Ruin Your Tradeshow Investment

Tradeshows are valuable to many small businesses. If you’ve made the investment to attend one, be sure you are putting your best foot forward. Review these common mistakes for ideas on how to overcome them.