Johnny Depp's Bodyguard Travis McGivern Testifies in Defamation Trial (Johnny Depp v Amber Heard)

Johnny Depp’s Bodyguard Travis McGivern Testifies in Defamation Trial (Johnny Depp v Amber Heard)

Are You The CEO of Your Business – Or The Technician?

Do you consider yourself to be the CEO of your business? It is your business, after all. It’s your vision, your creation, your baby. So you must be the CEO, right? But do you think like the CEO of your business? Do you act like one?

Websites Are Supposed to Be Assets – Four Points for Business Owners Who Want To Get Online

This article is designed to help business owners who are not online. It provides planning tips prior to starting the search for a website developer.

Fraud at a Day Spa?

We depend on our information systems in small business. Technology is our friend until it isn’t. Why would someone buy spa gift certificates with a fraudulent credit card? I thought this was the dumbest thief ever until I spoke to the local police and gave it more thought.

The Role of Passion in Your Business

Everywhere we turn, we’re told “do what you love and the money will follow” or “follow your passion.” Reality however, tells us that being passionate about our mission or simply doing what we love isn’t enough.

High Rise Window Cleaning – How To Know You Are Paying The Right Price

Window cleaning is one of the chores everyone has to do from time to time and to different extents. Some just simply have to tidy up their rooms while others have to take up more complicated tasks like high rise window cleaning. This can be a truly tiresome and even a dangerous job if you are not doing it the right way.