YouTuber Known for Exposing Child Predators Just Caught Another One, Cops Say

YouTuber Known for Exposing Child Predators Just Caught Another One, Cops Say

Why a Real Estate Contracting Service Is a Lucrative Business to Start Today

In May of this year alone, almost 215,000 foreclosure filings were reported, according to a RealtyTrac report. A real estate contracting service, such as foreclosure clean-up, is a lucrative business to start in a market riddled with foreclosures.

What Is the Debt Ceiling and How Does It Affect Small Businesses?

Over the past week, there has been a lot of talk in government and the media about the “debt ceiling,” and the disastrous consequences that will occur if it is not raised by August 2, 2011. However, many American citizens may still be wondering, what exactly is the debt ceiling and how will it directly affect them? Furthermore, many small business owners may still be misinformed about just how the debt ceiling can impact their business and what they should do to prepare.

What You Need to Get a Business a Loan From a Bank

Small business start-ups as well as businesses that have already been in operation for a while know that at some point, applying for a business loan may be a necessary evil. With the help of additional funding from a bank, you can meet the rising costs that your business faces every day, or you can use the money to pay for marketing, renovations, new equipment, payroll, or other unexpected expenses. However, the only issue with business loans is that it is practically impossible for your business to be approved unless you can show the banks that you are…

Cleanliness Is An Important Asset When Conducting Business

Today, large organizations are more flexible and dexterous as they constantly lookout for opportunities. They are always reviewing situations and looking for efficient ways to improve their business and move it to the topmost rung. They are open to change and welcome situations that urge them to move forwards.

Who Is Who in the Government Contracting World

When we started our small government contracting company we were viewing government contracting the same as commercial contract work. That, coupled with the fact that we both had prior experience as employees of other government contracting firms, made us feel comfortable going in. It didn’t take long for us to discover just how incorrect that understanding was. Our biggest problem, it turned out, was the fact that the government throws a whole lot of people, processes, regulation, and bureaucracy at you but there is really no single document that ties them all together. For example, soon after you win an award you learn about DCAA. You are likely not to discover DCMA unless you get assigned a proactive representative within DCMA (quite rare), miss a deadline, something goes wrong, or the contract closes or is terminated.