Your Car Accident Isn't a BOARD GAME!

Your Car Accident Isn’t a BOARD GAME!

Healthcare Associated Infections – Know the Risks

When you are admitted to a hospital and receiving care in that setting, you are taking a step to heal an ailment or recover from an illness that has plagued you. Your hope is to leave the hospital healthier and further along in the healing process than when you arrived. Most often than not, that is what happens. However, some people leave the hospital with ailments or infections that they didn’t have when they arrived. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 out of every 20 patients who is hospitalized acquires a healthcare associated infection (HAI).

Potential Defendants In A Medical Products Liability Case

Ever wondered why medical products liability cases often have more than one defendant listed? After all, there had to be one person who truly manufactured a product and the obvious choice to sue. However, common sense tells us that typically large-scale manufacturers employ various parts and components in their products and usually they have such parts and components supplied to them by third parties. Which begs the question: Who are the real defendants in a medical products liability case?

The Value of Solid Representation for Auto Accident Victims

It is unfortunate, but there are literally thousands of car accidents that occur in the U.S. daily. In recent years, the number of auto collisions has risen in excess of 6 million annually. Approximately 3 million of these accidents result in serious injuries, while 2 million cause permanent injuries.

How to Make Sure Your Baby Products Are Safe and Legal

Choosing safe products for babies can be confusing, particularly given all of the newfangled gadgets with complex features available. In addition, keeping up with countless product recalls can be overwhelming. Below are some tips on how to ensure that toys and other products are safely made for babies and small children.

The Advantages of Specialized Training for Today’s Attorney

Those in the legal field undergo some of the most intense studies and training of any profession. Sadly, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they’ll be successful. A simple Google search for “attorneys” in any given city in America will show just how flooded the legal market is. This is why it’s ideal for attorneys to receive specialized training in today’s workplace. Once a person understands the benefits of specialized training for legal professionals, it’s likely that they’ll never look at an attorney without this training the same way again.