'You Gave a Knife to the Man That Got Drunk & Abused You, Is That Correct Ms. Heard?'

‘You Gave a Knife to the Man That Got Drunk & Abused You, Is That Correct Ms. Heard?’

Setting Boundaries With Clients – The Good, The Bad and Even The Ugly Ones

When you deal with other businesses, you abide by their policies, their normal hours of operation, and you respect that, right? It should be no different with you and your clients.

Key Benefits of VOIP Phone Systems for Your Business

The advancement in technologies has certainly provided much greater functionalities than the traditional methods. These improvements have increased the productivity of the business organizations, by enhancing customer services with simple cost-effective solutions. One of the wonderful blessings of information technology for the development of business organizations is the use of VOIP business phone systems.

10 More Small-Business Start-Up Mistakes To Avoid

What are some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting out? Here is a list of ten more of the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make when starting their business. Although mistakes made can be our greatest teacher, they can be time-consuming and costly. So here I want to share with you my hard-earned experiences and the insight I gained from my own lapses in judgment.

Help My Small Business Be More Profitable and Grow!

First there are legal considerations… what legal issues will I face? Type of legal business entity… why… what is best? What kind of local, county, state and federal regulations will apply? So my first step… would be to have a discussion with a qualified attorney. Not the last time but just the first time.

The Importance of Hiring Professional Window Cleaning Services

Have you often marveled how those high-rise commercial buildings, condominiums and even luxury homes preserve their perfect appearance through the years? Well, the answer behind this is plain and simple. Most business establishments and even homeowners valued the need to hire people who can maintain the above mentioned properties. They hire reliable individuals who have the necessary skills to make the property looks appealing to the eyes. Entrepreneurs do this to get a good impression from other people who may want to do business with them.