'You Edited That Video, Didn't You Ms. Heard?', Camille Vasquez Asks

‘You Edited That Video, Didn’t You Ms. Heard?’, Camille Vasquez Asks

Making a Living As An Artist Can Be Easy

Becoming an artist can seem like a difficult task. All it takes is changing your perspective.

3 Key Reasons Why Your Small Business Blog Will Fail (And How To Make It Succeed Instead)

91% of business blogs fail. Discover the 3 key reasons why and how you can avoid them by creating a blog that achieves your goals.

Cleaning Business – Statistical Outlook for Cleaning Businesses and the Janitorial Industry

The cleaning industry is a multi-billion billion dollar industry. If you are pondering whether or not to start or grow a cleaning business, these statistics will give you some insight.

Property Leasing Tips For Small Businesses

Never sign a standard agreement, so matter how much you may feel you can trust a landlord. Protecting yourself will help you to save money each month on your rental fee. Some aspects of an agreement should not be your responsibility. Making sure the agreement you sign is in your best interests is vital for you keep down overhead expenses.

What Is Quantitative Research?

You probably have the notion that you are up to a very difficult task when you are made to conduct a quantitative research. Well, in a sense, you can really be. Essentially, quantitative research deals with factors or subjects measurable by systematic methods that commonly include statistics and hypotheses.