Wrongful Death- Don't Deal with it Alone

Wrongful Death- Don’t Deal with it Alone

Here’s What You Must Know About Social Security Disability Insurance Law

Need help with Social Security Disability Insurance Law application? Wondering if you would qualify? Read on to find relevant details.

When Might Victims Be At-Fault for Swimming Pool Accidents?

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Indiana Worker’s Compensation Law: Recent Developments With Permanent Total Disability Benefits

Under the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Act, when an injured worker sustains a work injury that is so severe that it renders the injured worker unable to engage in reasonable types of employment, that injured worker might be entitled to permanent total disability (“PTD”) benefits. This article discusses recent Indiana case law involving the Indiana Court of Appeals discussion regarding what it takes to be determined permanently totally disabled. The court also provides guidance to Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyers handling PTD claims.

Defining Common Damages in Personal Injury Cases

Learn about the most common types of damages awarded in personal injury settlements. If you have questions about making a personal injury claim, talk to a licensed accident lawyer right away.

Will My Injury Claim Have to Be Settled in Court?

Learn about personal injury claims and how they are usually settled. They may require court or jury intervention, however, most claims can be settled out of court. Talk to your trusted accident lawyer for recommendations regarding your claim.