Worst Dog Injury Cases - Up To $280,000! | Double Episode | Personal Injury Court

Worst Dog Injury Cases – Up To $280,000! | Double Episode | Personal Injury Court

What Is the Difference Between a Wrongful Death and a Personal Injury Claim?

Though sharing many similarities, there are important distinctions between personal injury and wrongful death claims. The most important distinctions are who has standing to bring forward an action and the reasons damages are awarded.

Brain Injuries Caused by Car Accidents Can Be Devastating

Traumatic brain injuries resulting from an auto accident can leave victims with impaired cognitive skills and permanent disability. Unfortunately, the extent of the injury can be difficult to determine in its early stages. Seeking immediate medical care is critical, as is protecting the victim’s future through legal means.

Distracted Driving: A Real Disorder

The number of car accidents directly linked to distracted driving is on the rise. According to some recently published statistics by the National Safety Council, these types of accidents have increased steadily over the past few years.

If You’ve Had an Auto Accident, You May Need a Personal Injury Accident Attorney

You need to call a personal injury accident attorney as soon as possible after an auto crash, even if you are in the hospital, as a personal injury accident lawyer will come to you wherever you are to begin fighting for your rights. Let a personal injury accident lawyer lend their expertise to your case to be sure you get the highest possible settlement, especially when dealing with stubborn insurance companies or individuals who refuse to give you your rightful due for your car damages, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Car Accidents – Common Injuries Caused By Air Bag Deployment

When most people think fair bags they think safety. However, anyone who handles car accident cases will tell you that this safety feature is often associated with injury. A deployed air bag is nothing more than a force thrown towards the driver. It doesn’t choose where it lands and is done within the context of the bigger force caused by the impact. Airbags do save lives, but they also cause injury.